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Guaranty Letter for Collection of Entertainment Tax
Application Form for Exemption of Entertainment Tax (for Occasional Public Performance)
Application Form for Business Suspension / Cancellation Registration By Profit-seeking Enterprise with Uniform Certificate (Entertainment Tax)
Application Form for Suspension or Resumption or Closure (Cancellation) for Amusement Industry
Register Application Form for Change / Set-up of Uniform Certificate for Profit-seeking Enterprise
Application Form for Decrease or Exemption of Entertainment and Business Tax for Cultural and Artistic Enterprise (for Occasional Public Performance)
Local Tax Bureau, Yunlin County Multi-purpose Service Counter to receive Application (Authorization) Form for Inquiry or Issuance of Certificate
Application for Direct Deposit of Duplicated Payment and Overpayment Refunds
Re-Investigation Application
Application Form for Occasional Public Performance
Application Form for Collection of Amusement Tax for New Establishment or Change of Registration Items for Amusement Industry
Vehicle Tax Exempt Application Form for the Physical and Mental Handicapped
General Tax Exempt Application Form for Tag Tax
Local Tax Bureau, Yunlin County Refund Application Form for Tag Tax
Notes and Directions for Completion of the Deed Tax Return
Application Form for Cancellation of Deed Tax Declaration
Deed Tax Return Attachment
Deed Tax Return
Periodic Stamp Tax Payment Application
Local Tax Bureau, Yunlin County Large Sum Stamp Tax Statement Application