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* Amusement Tax

    * Application Form for Collection of Amusement Tax for New Establishment or Change of Registration Items for Amusement Industry
* 0301(1).docword file
0301.pdfpdf file
0301(2).odt odt file


    * Application Form for Occasional Public Performance
* 0302.docword file
0302.pdfpdf file
0302.odt odt file


    * Application Form for Decrease or Exemption of Entertainment and Business Tax for Cultural and Artistic Enterprise (for Occasional Public Performance)
* 0303.docword file
0303.pdfpdf file
0303.odt odt file


    * Register Application Form for Change / Set-up of Uniform Certificate for Profit-seeking Enterprise
* 0304.docword file
0304.pdfpdf file
0304.odt odt file


    * Application Form for Suspension or Resumption or Closure (Cancellation) for Amusement Industry
* 0305.docword file
0305.pdfpdf file
0305.odt odt file


    * Application Form for Business Suspension / Cancellation Registration By Profit-seeking Enterprise with Uniform Certificate (Entertainment Tax)
* 0306.docword file
0306.pdfpdf file
0306.odt odt file


    * Application Form for Exemption of Entertainment Tax (for Occasional Public Performance)
* 0307.docword file
0307.pdfpdf file
0307.odt odt file


    * Guaranty Letter for Collection of Entertainment Tax
* 0308.docword file
0308.pdfpdf file
0308.odt odt file


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* Revenue Service Bureau,Yunlin County    TEL:886-5-5323941    FAX:05-5349419
   NO.35 Fuwen Rd.,Douliou City,Yunlin County ,Taiwan(R.O.C) 64054
* Huwei Branch,Revenue Service Bureau,Yunlin County    TEL:886-5-6338940
   NO.118 Guangming Rd.,Huwei Township,Yunlin County ,Taiwan(R.O.C) 63242
* Beigang Branch,Revenue Service Bureau,Yunlin County    TEL:886-5-7836146
   NO.6 Wunren Rd.,Beigang Town,Yunlin County ,Taiwan(R.O.C) 65146